Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Working on the North and East Sides of the Church

Today, you can see all the ACs units are now moved to the new pad. And with the ACs out of the way, they were able to start digging on the North side of the church and begin foundation work, similar to what they have already completed on the South side.


  1. It is looking good -- progress is being made! Have they started working on the inside floor?

  2. They have not started on the inside floor yet. They want to get supporting beams poured on 3 sides before they begin working on the inside. Due to the weather, they are having to take a break on the beams and work on the pews (indoor work). Once they are able to finish those supporting beams, they plan to begin work on the inside. We will be sure to post pictures of that as I think that will be quite interesting.