Monday, March 1, 2010

Monday--Plaster work

The strengthening beam was poured in the front of the church on Friday.

You can see the membrane was put down in the back of the church, but just hasn't been covered up yet. You can also see the drain pipe that was put in to help control water drainage.

Their still isn't much going on inside. They did a few test spots on the plaster and, as you can see on picture, they pulled up a couple of spots on the tile to see what's there.

You can see the samples of the stages of plaster work on the south side of the church.

Plaster is being taken off on all sides of the church in different areas. You can see the north side where they took some of the plaster off on Friday.

You can also see the plaster sample they did in the church on Friday under one of the windows.

Due to the amount of water standing at the front of the church and seeping up into the rocks, the front side of the church will have to be replastered.

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