Friday, October 22, 2010

Church Pews are Back!

Excitement is in the air in Serbin, Texas!! The Trustees worked hard last night to get all the pews back in the church. The cushions will not be put back on the pews yet as they need some cleaning after sitting up for so long.


  1. Great Work Friends, I might be an great time in this church for Restoring it originality. Your all have done the great job. Congrats for you job............just look my video if you can..........
    or visit us.

  2. Well done on restoring the church. Did you also do some refurnishing on the church pews? It looks like they were restored too. Well, if you did some refurnishing, that can lengthen the life of these pews, and future generations can still make use of them. ->Earnestine Kettering